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Friseure Deutschland : Find the best hair salons in Germany: professionals who have achieved haircuts on celebrit à of the national and international levels, the hairstyles that we see splurge by celebrities. In Germany one of hairdressers è a very competitive sector. If è competition fierce, è need to find innovative solutions, able to attract customers and grow your business. Hairdressers in Germany are able to advise on suitable hairstyle at all, with customized solutions. This is real beauty consultants. Thanks to the high competition, è can find hairdressers of the highest quality cheap à. There are many solutions work as employees, open a hair salon with a partner (by decreasing the costs), choose the solution franchise. There are also exhibitions of fashion hair in Germany, where professional hairstyling can consult or exposing their creations to the latest fashion. This is not simple hair salons or barbers, the service offered here è diverse: in addition to the haircut, they offer services like washing, permanent or other types of treatments. The German hairdresser should be able to diversify the range of services offered in order to satisfy each demanding customer, the pi   ù.

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Friseure Deutschland - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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18 Dec 18

professionali per capelli



18 Dec 18

This collection gives a nod to the style of lighting used in his classic old school black & white images by renowned Sixties photographer David Bailey, but, with a contemporary feel. The hair is an amalgamation traditional skin fade, graphic cuts and soft texturising but enhanced with various styling products for a strong finished look.

Collection: Bailey
Ph: Desmond Murray
Make-up: Jo Sugar


18 Dec 18

Ivan Rodriguez


Collection: Weavers of Ideas
Ph: Jell Loya
Make-up: Thessa Peralta


17 Dec 18


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- foto di moda-capelli
- pictures of hairfashion

17 Dec 18

Egidio Borri

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